1 Aug 2022

We're Sharing the Love

Why not let your investment property pay for that holiday you've been dreaming of?

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We have just launched an exciting referral incentive

We have just launched an exciting referral incentive for people you know could benefit from Cosmo's short-term property management services.

With school holidays and peak holiday periods just around the corner, now is the time to list your investment property on the short-term market and reap the rewards.

We would love for others to join the Cosmo family, and if you, your friends or your family would like to come along for the ride to a successful summer, we’d love to share the love back.

Any referrals you send our way will be eligible for free photography. Our free photography offer also applies to any new listings our existing owners add to their portfolio. Terms and conditions apply.

Get out there and tell your friends and family about Cosmo, show them the Cosmo App and share the excitement.

💸 New

For each new owner you refer to Cosmo, we’ll share the love by sending you a prepaid card with $200.00 for you to spend however you like.

💵 Existing

For each referral you make to Cosmo, we will credit your account with $200.00 to be used on management fees.

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Terms and Conditions

When a new customer completes their onboarding form, they can list who referred them. We consider a referral successful once the owner has signed a contract with us. Owners cannot refer themselves.

This promotion is only available to existing owners. We will credit the account of the referring owner with $200.00 to be used on management fees. This promotion may change at any time.

This promotion expires on 31st December 2022.


By Isaac Santos

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