Should I just do it myself?

Your goals are our goals, which is why we’re committed to providing both the best return on your investments, as well as the best possible experience for your guests. Thanks to our capable team and leading in-house technology, we’re in the position to drive bigger and better results for your investments.

  Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. We give you the freedom to change your plan at any time. In the case that you do, our team are happy to work with you on switching to a more suited option.

  How soon will I see results?

It all depends on how ready your property is, so whether it’s a new house or if you are just making the smart switch from traditional long term rentals. Different factors play a part here, such as furnishing and promotable resource availability. Whatever position you’re in, we are always up-front about the earning potential of your investment because full transparency is important to us.

  How often do I get paid?

Disbursement reports are created at the beginning of the month, for the previous month.

  Who pays for housekeeping and linen?

This is covered by guests, charged as a cleaning cost for the stay.

  Who pays the service fees from Airbnb?

This is covered by us.

  Can I still access my home?

Yes, absolutely. All owners still have access to their properties and are able to book them through our Owners App whenever desired. We sometimes advise against long term self-stays during busy periods, but the choice to stay is always yours.

  Is my property insured?

Airbnb offers up to AUD$1,000,000 in property and personal liability coverage. We will work with Airbnb should the need arise, and facilitate any damage and maintenance. Please note, this may vary by country, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more location-specific information. If you’d like, we can also facilitate in acquiring additional coverage for added peace of mind.
Click here for Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance.

  What if a guest damages the property?

If an incident occurs, rest assured our team will respond promptly to any damage and maintenance issues while working with Airbnb to achieve a desired solution, and to recover any costs incurred if possible.
Please note, maintenance support varies by plan. In the case of all plans, we are not liable for damage caused by guests, as outlined in our agreement.

  How is the property kept clean and secure?

Complete Plan only. You can enjoy full peace of mind in the knowledge that our housekeeping teams are well equipped and readily available to service your property at any and all times. Cleans are performed to the highest degree at each and every checkout.
This is accompanied by regular property inspections and quarterly deep cleans.

  Can you provide furnishing services?

Absolutely. We can provide our owners with a range of options to suit any budget. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if this is a service of interest to you.