Portfolio Partners

Underpinned by powerful technology, our aim is to relieve you of the burden and costs behind short-term property management, freeing up more time and money to expand your management portfolio.

The perfect partnership for multi-listing managers

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor or short term property manager handling 10+ listings, partnering with Cosmo gives you the power to simplify the management process, maximise your profits, and minimise your overheads by up to 80%.

Comparatively, short term rental can sometimes be a minor revenue stream for realtors, and often a major hassle or a costly endeavour for dedicated property managers. That’s why this partnership exists – to unlock the most growth potential with the least out-of-pocket expense, optimising your listings every step of the way.

Partnering with Cosmo is your chance to transform your business with powerful tech.

Up to 80% Overhead Reduction

Thanks to labour and resources savings

Increase Portfolio Growth

Less time managing, more time investing

Automate Operations

Real time reporting and rich data in the Cosmo App

A comprehensive management solution

Available Australia-wide, this partnership is designed to streamline the entire property management process, from optimising platform listings to simplifying your internal operations. We take the complexity out of handling up to 300 individual listings by managing each one under the Cosmo brand. With us, they’ll benefit from adaptive pricing, intuitive scheduling, marketing insights, quality suppliers, wholesale pricing, dedicated support and the credibility of a market leading reputation.

The partnership also comes with premium access to the robust Cosmo App, putting detailed reporting and data-driven scheduling capabilities at your fingertips. Complex figures are translated into actionable insights, allowing owners, managers and housekeepers alike to benefit from optimised operations and unrivalled transparency.

Optimised Pricing

All listing costs will incur either a fixed or variable management fee and will be determined on a case-by-case basis, prioritising optimal value for your business. These fees will be regularly re-evaluated to ensure that remains the case.

To determine your suitability, you’ll be invited to tell us about your property management situation. With full transparency, we will then evaluate whether Cosmo is the right fit for your business.

Existing listings

There is no extra cost for migration where the listing meets minimum standards. Get started with no out of pocket fees.

New listings

A variable setup fee applies to long-term listings moving to short-term listings, or existing listings that require additional services to bring the listing to standard.

We contribute to the Stripe Climate program, to help scale emerging carbon removal technology.

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