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Why Cosmo?

We are doing things a little differently so our clients can reap a whole lot of reward.
Reflected in everything we do is a high-quality signature service that sees guests return to our clients properties time and time again. It’s this same service that sees our clients’ listings optimised to deliver the best experience, reviews and results possible.
By working with Cosmo, you’re giving your property the best chance to make the biggest return on your investment. This is because we understand the power of personalisation. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all plans. Instead, we offer an opportunity for feature-rich collaboration that’ll deliver an occupancy rate you won’t achieve anywhere else.
Why Cosmo?
Our Story

Our Story

We’ve been involved in Airbnb since it first hit the shores of Australia.
Our co-founder, Kyle, had listed his apartment on the platform after a frustrating stint with long-term rental. After reaping the rewards of a well-kept property but growing increasingly burdened by the ongoing hassle of coordinating housekeepers, maintenance professionals, amenities and toiletries, the idea for Cosmo was born.
Kyle soon broke free from his own daily grind to spend each day helping property owners like himself maximise the money they could make from their empty beds, turning his talent into the company you see today.
Since then, the Cosmo team has been privileged enough to work with homeowners to provide the same seamless and results-driven approach that Kyle first applied to his very own Melbourne apartment all those years ago.

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When the future can seem so uncertain, the thought of commitment is often daunting. For new owners coming to Cosmo, we are now offering flexible and deferred fees, with no lock-ins on all plans.
Let's work together, to come out of this strong and prepared.
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