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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.

🏡  Cosmo recently acquired ihostme (IHOSTME PTY LTD).

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🔖  New on the blog: "Getting Started with Cosmo"

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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.


Our mission is to make short-term property management more effortless, enjoyable, rewarding and transparent for everyone involved.

Hospitality meets Technology

With an unwavering commitment to quality, Cosmo delivers an unrivalled short-term rental management service that guarantees the best results possible for your property.
We're confident that our approach will maximize your property's returns, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is being well managed.
We handle over $1,000,000 for owners every month. We're 100% independent, backed by advisors and not investors. That means we focus on mutual growth—not profits.
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Transparent & open

We’re transparent in everything we do. You’ll know what’s happening at every step of the process.

Effortless collaboration

We take collaboration seriously, because we believe that investing in short-term property should be seamless.

Change for the better

We're changing the landscape of the rental industry, and we're opening a better future for everyone.

Inclusion & diversity

We welcome people from all walks of life. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination.

Universal hospitality

We go above and beyond to provide exceptional hospitality for our guests and owners.

Shared growth

We are committed to growing with our owners and helping them achieve their goals.
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Founded by hosts

We started out as Airbnb hosts, but we quickly found out that managing an Airbnb listing could be time-consuming and challenging. So we created a platform to help investors earn a reliable income without sacrificing their precious time.
We use technology and data to help our owners get the most value. We capture more revenue from bookings, fill more gaps, and give our owners a competitive edge.
We invest every dollar possible into building the finest short-term rental technology, paired with dependable property management services to benefit our owners.

The finest team in the industry

We aren't a traditional realty company trying to learn how to use technology; we're natives of the digital world, using technology comfortably and naturally.

Kyle Fitzsimmons

Managing Director

Isaac Santos

Technology Director

Thomas Bell

Sales Director

Mietta Caruso

Guest Manager

Charlotte Rosenbloom

Finance Manager

Hunter Cox

Enterprise Manager

Harrison Keck

Sales & Onboarding

Charlie Stoner

Sales & Onboarding

Nicole Ferreira

Guest Support

Michael Fitzsimmons


Sam Walker

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