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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.

🏡  Cosmo recently acquired ihostme (IHOSTME PTY LTD).

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🔖  New on the blog: "Getting Started with Cosmo"

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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.

Make your short-term rental listings work for you, without the hassle.

Cosmo leverages the power of hospitality and technology to help you capture the most yield possible from your portfolio, regardless of its size.
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Cosmo helps you keep your costs and stress down

Our platform is designed to help you build your portfolio by streamlining your workflow. Gone are the days of waiting for bookings, drowning in guest messages, and fiddling with nightly rates.

Enhanced Listings

Our exclusive technology and industry-leading services help you stand out, get bookings, and receive the highest nightly rates possible.

Memorable Stays

Our guest support team is focused on creating memorable experiences for your customers, so they feel welcome and motivated to come back again and again.

Empowered Ownership

Our market research tools and open data offer you an efficient way to gather the information you need to make informed decisions, while freeing up your time.
Screenshot of the Cosmo App.

One place to track everything

Cosmo combines processes, data, and technology to help you manage your properties, all wrapped up in an intuitive app. So sit back, sign in, and we will take care of the rest.
Retain your flexibility
Stay ahead of competitors
Receive earnings monthly
Track your portfolio 24/7

Simple plans with comprehensive support

We streamline your short-term property management experience from booking to departure, so you can remain competitive without having to invest in time-consuming tasks.
Listing creation and marketing
Booking facilitation
Guest communications and screening
AI Optimisation
Dispute resolution
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Suited to those who want a more hands-on approach to managing their listing while capturing more revenue, streamlining the guest experience, and increasing property visibility.

Available across all states in Australia.

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Ideal for investors who want to maximize the return on their investments, while minimizing the amount of time, energy and stress involved in managing their portfolio.

Available in Central Victoria.

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