An effortless way to manage, built for all short term investors

Cosmo combines intuitive technology with tailored management services, enabling you to get the most from your investments.

Turning homes into in-demand escapes

Harnessing the power of intuitive in-house technology, and a slew of industry-leading services, we’re able to deliver an experience your guests will never forget, and an occupancy rate you’ll never beat.

Hosting experiences that guests love

With the aim of getting only the best guests through your doors, we make it our mission to create experiences people will always want to come back to. It’s this devotion to our guests that sees such high return rates for our listings.

Supporting owners to grow as investors

We believe time is the most valuable resource of all, which is why everything we do is designed to give more back to our owners. Our team, network and market research tools empower you with the freedom to grow your investments.

One place to track your portfolio

Cosmo brings together processes, data and technology to help you manage your properties, all wrapped up in an intuitive app.. Sit back, sign in and we will take care of the rest.

Retain flexibility

Access your home whenever you like and book it for yourself or your family via the Cosmo App in seconds.

Receive earnings monthly

Track your payouts over the month, with earnings paid into your bank account on a regular schedule.

Stay ahead of competitors

Your listings are always a head above the rest thanks to our Adaptive AI Pricing, capturing maximum value in all scenarios.

Track your portfolio 24/7

See bookings as they are made, watch your earnings grow using analytics tools, and see the same data that we do.

Simple plans, comprehensive support

Our dedicated team will take care of every aspect of your property, from point of booking to departure, ensuring you retain a competitive edge in the short term market.


This mutual plan is carefully curated for property owners who still want a hand in managing their property, but are looking to maximise their income and streamline their management experience.


This all-inclusive plan is perfect for property owners who want to see results and consistent property improvement without the time and stress of doing it themselves. Sit back and enjoy the extra cash flow.
With a cloud-first approach, we service owners and businesses across Australia.

We contribute to the Stripe Climate program, to help scale emerging carbon removal technology.

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