One app to keep track of bookings, listings and earnings, included with all plans.

Screenshot of the Cosmo App.

Powerful data at your fingertips

We have developed a cloud-based and mobile-friendly app that provides property owners with an intuitive way to monitor their short-term rental portfolio.

Our platform provides real-time access to actionable insights, dynamic analytics, and transparent booking breakdowns.

Portfolio Analytics
Revenue Reports
Booking Breakdowns
Housekeeper Schedules
Data Aggregation
For Owners

Owners can monitor their portfolio's performance with an experience designed for clarity and ease of use.

For Partners

Enterprise Partners can monitor their entire inventory, and provide clients with access to their own dashboards.

For Housekeepers

Housekeepers can keep track of their schedules, property information and budgets with clear and actionable data.

Screenshot of the Cosmo App.

Stay in control of your portfolio

Owners can use a suite of user-friendly features to adjust their pricing strategies, availability and booking parameters to ensure that their portfolio is always on target and meeting their goals.

Our research and benchmarking tools give owners the data they need to make informed decisions while providing a clear picture of short-term rental market trends and opportunities.

Listing Benchmarking
Market Research
Availability Management
Personal Bookings
Pricing Management
Screenshot of the Cosmo App.