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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.

🏡  Cosmo recently acquired ihostme (IHOSTME PTY LTD).

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🔖  New on the blog: "Getting Started with Cosmo"

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🇦🇺  Australian based, Australian owned.


From day one, you’ll have access to smart tools that harness valuable data, tech, networks and insights to simplify ownership and maximize profitability potential.

Listing Setup

Do justice to your property’s short-term experiences with a listing that gives it sought-after status. Already have your property listed? We’ll migrate it and optimise it with you so it stands out in any search.

Marketing & Booking Acquisition

We harness the power of social media to take your property promotion to the next level across multiple platforms, ensuring your property is always reaching any and all potential guests.

Cosmo App and Housekeeper Access

Our app will empower you with efficiency, profitability and transparency. Be relieved of the burden and costs behind short-term property management, leaving more time and money to expand your management portfolio. Plus, housekeepers have dedicated access to the Cosmo App with automatic budgets and schedules.

Investment Tracking

Track your investments from a single screen where you’ll enjoy a full overview of your investments. Observe their progress, access reports and tap into rich data – all enabled to help you grow your returns.

Guest Communication

Just as we do with our owners and partners, we maintain open channels of communication with our guests. This around-the-clock support ensures your listings get the best reviews possible and the highest rebooking rates.

Guest Screening

We screen all guests prior to stays to guarantee that they meet our strict criteria. Only when they pass our methodical and consistent screening process do we extend them the privilege of staying in your property.

Booking Facilitation

We take the hassle out of property management by streamlining the entire booking process. We manage, prioritise and handle every booking for every listing, ensuring we only ever open the door to the best guests.

AI Optimisation

Cosmo yields the best return possible on your listing. When it comes to affordability and competition, our Adaptive AI Pricing will find the sweet spot that promises more bookings for your listing and more revenue for you.

Dispute Resolution

We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience for our owners and guests alike, which is why we will resolve any and all disputes promptly. This includes payment, damage, booking platform or guest issues.


Complete Plan
Your listing will be kept in mint condition between stays, thanks to the expertise of our sister business – Cosmo Clean.

Linen & Consumables

Complete Plan
We source top-shelf consumables and amenities, and curate the optimal selection of consumables, tailored perfectly for your property with the aim of wowing your guests into writing raving reviews.

Maintenance Facilitation

Complete Plan
From time to time, your property may need a quick touch up, a minor repair or a major fix, rest assured that we will find the right person to work on your property and keep it looking its best.
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