Serviced Location

Ballarat, Victoria

Ballarat is a popular tourist destination, surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque countryside.

Airbnb Management in Ballarat

Situated on the Yarrowee River, Ballarat is surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque countryside. Many short term rental properties in Ballarat are located in or near the city center, making them ideal for visitors who are intrigued to explore the towns historic sites and culinary scene.

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Market Snapshot

Data from local Airbnb listings configured as entire units with two bedrooms, one bathroom and accommodating up to four guests.

Occupancy Rate

63.00% per year

The average rate at which a property is booked throughout the year.


229 nights


136 nights

Nightly Rate

$197.00 per night

The average accommodation fee charged to guests per night of stay.





Booking Revenue

$47,281.00 per year

The total revenue generated by bookings, including typical fees.




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