Cosmo for Business

Optimise your operations, reduce overheads, and grow your short-term rental portfolio with Cosmo.

A typical picture of an apartment building.
Business Plan

The perfect partnership for property managers.

For real estate agents and property managers who manage multiple properties, partnering with Cosmo is what will take your operation to the next level. Get ready to simplify management and decrease overheads, all while capturing more bookings.

Cosmo for Business is a collaborative partnership model that combines your local expertise with our industry-leading technology and innovative tools to accelerate your short-term rental growth.

We’re here to help you expand your outreach and growth with our streamlined business plan.

A typical picture of an apartment building.
Listing Management

We prepare compelling listings, optimise them for visibility, and distribute them across the top booking platforms.

Booking Management

We streamline the booking process, handling inquiries, requests and alterations for maximum efficiency.

Marketing & Advertising

We increase bookings with strategic marketing and advertising across multiple social and booking platforms.

Guest Support

Our team ensures that guests have a great stay, with a dedicated Guest App for added convenience.

Guest Screening

We thoroughly screen guests to minimise potential issues, including security deposits and ID verification.

Dynamic Pricing

We maximise revenue by strategically adjusting nightly rates based on market analysis, events and trends.


Combine your local expertise with our technology.

We understand that you know your local market better than anyone. That’s why we’ve designed our business plan to work in tandem with your local expertise. We provide the guest services, technology, and support you need to grow your short-term rental portfolio.

Guest Support
Dynamic Pricing
Booking Management
Listing Marketing
Owner Relations
Housekeeping Facilitation
Maintenance & Repairs
Local Support & Expertise

Straightforward pricing, tailored to your business.

We base our pricing on a fixed percentage of total booking revenues, so you can be sure that we're always working to maximise your earnings. We understand a one-size-fits-all approach isn't the most effective choice for your business, so we tailor our pricing to your specific needs.

The Cosmo App is available to your team and housekeepers, with a white-labelled version of the app available to property owners. With our app, all bookings and listings will be aggregated into one place, making it easy to analyse performance, track fees, and stay up to date with your portfolio.

Fixed-Percentage Pricing

Our management fee is a fixed percentage of total booking revenues, determined based on your portfolio size and specific service needs. New listings may be subject to a one-off Onboarding Fee.

Value-Driven Management

Our technology and streamlined operations maximise your earning potential and reduce your workload. Our goal is to significantly increase your revenue, exceeding the impact of our management fee.