Partnering with Cosmo means better sales margins, reduced overheads and effortless growth.

A typical picture of an apartment building.

The perfect partnership for multi-listing managers

For real estate agents, investors, and short-term property managers who manage more than ten properties, partnering with Cosmo will simplify management while capturing higher profits and decreasing overhead costs.

Our partnership exists to enhance the revenue potential of multiple short-term rental properties while reducing the operational burden and expense of dedicated property managers.

Partnering with Cosmo is an intelligent way to reach renters in the new renting age, and we are here to make that process as simple as possible.

A typical picture of an apartment building.
Reduce Overheads

By removing management overheads, companies can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Grow Faster

With streamlined operations and automated reporting, more time is available to focus on growth.

Automate Finances

Stakeholders receive automated payouts and reporting with our trust-compliant data.


A comprehensive management solution

Our tailored solutions make enterprise short-term rental initiatives easier to manage, with the same intuitive features and technology we provide in our consumer offerings.

We offer white-labelled technology that allows companies to provide their own management products directly to clients while we work behind the scenes to provide guest support, optimise listings and acquire bookings.

Growth optimised pricing

Our enterprise plans include a fixed or variable management fee.

As part of our partnership evaluation process, we consider whether Cosmo is the best-match partner based on our judgement of current company processes and objectives.