We understand the power of technology, and in the world of short term property, we’ve harnessed its efficiency and accuracy to deliver an unrivalled service for our owners and partners.

The Cosmo App

Our intuitive platform is designed to give you full transparency over your short term listings. Using robust technology behind the scenes, it allows you to track your bookings, analyse your portfolio, access deep analytics, assess the market, and predict future investments – all from the one place, in real-time.

Make changes in seconds

Set pricing parameters to sync with our AI pricing algorithms
Add owner bookings
Set parameters for booking approval and guest vetting
Balance your portfolio with performance insights
Coordinate housekeepers and schedules

Access powerful data at your fingertips

The Cosmo App gives you complete transparency across your entire portfolio and associated listings.

Interested in moving a property to short term, or purchasing a new property? Our powerful market data aggregator can even show you its forecasted earning potential.

Full data coverage

Portfolio and individual listings
Bookings, guests and booking financials
Market assessments and forecasts
Reporting and financials
Detailed analytics and breakdowns

Enjoy seamless platform integration

Instead of chasing listings across multiple platforms, we integrate them in the one place.

Access for all stakeholders

Access to the Cosmo App comes as standard with all of our plans. Whether you manage one listing or hundreds, we have the perfect feature-packed plan to help unlock its full earning potential with the power of robust technology.

Portfolio Partners

As part of our Portfolio Partners plan, real estate agents, investors and short-term property managers handling multiple listings will have premium access to the app, benefiting from a comprehensive overview of their portfolio performance.


Owners can access transparent, informative and meaningful property data from their own exclusive dashboard, tracking their investment in real time without the need for regular manual check-ins.


External cleaners will benefit from the intuitive technology, giving them a clear overview of their schedule, property cleaning status, future forecasting, checklists and specific housekeeping details.

We contribute to the Stripe Climate program, to help scale emerging carbon removal technology.

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